How to give a sensual massage?

How to give a sensual massage?

Date : 25 February, 2019 Author : webadmin

Sensual massage technique is a unique way to have closeness and intimacy between partners. Giving awesome pleasure to your partner through sensual touch is the main goal of this massage. Here the massage giver and the receiver build a special bond. You will have the normal benefits of massage therapy as well as some sexual satisfaction. It is an experience that may be beyond your imagination. You may love to learn the method of offering sensual massage to your partner and take your relationship to the next level.

The basic guideline to offer a sensual massage

basic guideline to offer a sensual massage

  • Prepare a romantic environment by using ample flowers; candles and relaxing music (build a perfect spa ambiance). Keep the room warm, and do not let your partner feel cold.
  • Have a proper massage table that has a face cradle. This will ensure your partner feel comfortable while sleeping face-down and will not have to strain the neck on one side. Massage on the floor or on any hard surfaces with some thick towels or blankets on it, if you cannot arrange a massage table.
  • Folding the sheet or towel back begin massaging the back first. Have a little massage oil in the hand (aromatherapy) and always keep your hands warm. Warm up the tissue with soft and slow hand to hand motion. A little application on the knots is fine, but do not make it a therapeutic massage. Simply enjoy and relax, as the idea is to connect with your partner and feel comfortable.
  • Usually, the massage starts from the back, and then goes to the shoulders and legs. Then make your partner turn around. You massage the feet and legs of your partner followed by the arms. Finally, the massage ends with the neck and shoulder. You may also include a scalp massage.
  • In sensual massage, you can also include intimate areas of your partner’s body. It all depends on you and your partner’s choice and liking. Inner thighs, breast, and other genital areas are often covered in sensual massage.
  • It is better to go along with the flow and not to keep any fixed agenda. Communicate with your partner during the massage session about what is feeling good. Of course, there is no limit in sensual massage and you can end it with an orgasm (true for both men and women).

The best areas of your body for sensual massage

best areas of your body for sensual massage

Some of the sensitive areas of your body that every massage giver should focus to give maximum pleasure to the partner are:

The Face :- Push your partner’s temples for a few seconds at once with two fingers from either side using both the hands. Then glide your fingers simultaneously down your cheeks, making small circular motions while moving down the face. With your index finger trace the lips softly once you reach the chin. There are sensory neurons in the outer parts of the lips that cause strong excitement and pleasure.

The ear :- Squeeze the earlobe between your forefinger and thumb and carefully and tug it. At the same, the time; use your tongue to make a C-shape on the outer side of your partner’s ear. It may tickle at first, so go slow and light.

The palms of your partner :- Try to massage your palm’s inner part gently. It will feel amazing. Now create a circular motion on the outer palm of your partner using your finger pads. Then slowly get to the center of the palm, the most sensitive region. This build-up will give unbelievable pleasure to your partner. There is another bonus stroke. Run up and down your fingertips at the edge of the small finger at the part where it is connected to the hand. Your partner will love it for sure.

The front area of the neck :- Caressing the front of the neck gives a stimulating sensation to the thyroid. It is a small gland located in this region, which controls body functions and drives energy and sex. Begin by tracing circles all around the Adam’s apple and close areas. Use fluid motion using one fingertip. Then brush your lips through the throat hollow and massage them in large, soft circles using your tongue.

Behind the knees :- Behind the knees has a thin skin with a lot of sensitive nerve endings. Gently scratch the area with your fingertips and then with your tongue after making your partner lie face down.

The lower back region :- According to Acupuncturists, the kidney present right above your waist, at the lower back region, is one of the prime repositories of sexual energy. Locate the sacrum carefully. It is a flat triangular bone present at the spinal base right between the hips. The sacrum has small holes packed with multiple endings of nerves. With the help of your palm knead this region to warm the skin through heat generation. Trace the fingertips upward through firm pressure from the base of the spine.

Deep down under the ankle :- There is a sensitive pressure point, about a size of a fingertip at the halfway between the ankle bone and heel. Once stimulated, it is a super hot area. From the ankle bone towards the hollow indent placed above the heel, glide two of your fingers smoothly at a steady pace with pulse at the indent. Make similar strokes with your tongue.

The stomach area :- Tap your partner’s naval slowly with two fingers and come to the base of his penis. Turn your fingertips around his belly button at the next step. Start making the circles bigger while you move to the outer part of his abdomen. In order to avoid tickling, it is crucial to adjust pressure and speed. You will not want him to laugh instead of moaning in pleasure.

The soles :- From the feet, a direct line is there to the various erogenous zones in your body. So, using your knuckles graze his foot pad starting from the heel. Rub the pad with your thumbs in circular motions. To avoid tickling him, use strong pressure. Offer some soft licks and little kisses after pulling the big toe for the additional erotic rush.

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